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Heliotropes - Over There That Way

by Jeff Penczak Rating:6 Release Date:2016-06-23

Fans of this Brooklyn quartet will find a lot of new names in the credits of their sophomore album, as three-quarters of the band are gone, with only frontwoman Jessica Numsuwankijkul left to carry on. This may be a disappointment to lovers and collectors of all-girl bands (guilty), as the all the replacements are of the male persuasion. But the brisk half hour that you spend with Over There That Way will still have you pogoing the night away to their radio-friendly ear candy. Opener ‘Normandy’ shows off Numsuwankijkul’s pleasant, breathey vocals to good effect, although the song is really too short to fully enjoy – it ends just when you’re getting in to it.

‘Wherever You Live’ revives the doo-woppy stroll of the debut with sexy sax solos for late night cuddlers, but then ‘War Isn’t Over’ delves into their punkier side with some gnarly soloing. I also like the eerie, spaghetti western vibe of the title track (heads up to fans of The Handsome Family’s theme to the first True Detective series). The two-part ‘Dardanelles’ suggests what Mazzy Star might sound like if they pursued heavy metal, and ‘I Can’t Remember’ returns to pleasant poppier pastures, a neighbourhood they should explore further.

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