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Beyond The Event Horizon - Event Horizon

by Mark Steele Rating:6 Release Date:2016-06-20

An adventure in sound has arrived via Proznan, Poland, in the form of the group; Beyond The Event Horizon. The ensemble present:Kowal - Guitar, Maras - Guitar, Tytus - Keys, Jakub - Bass and Pawel - Drums, bring us an 8-track spectacle;Event Horizon. They have described their sound as Beyond Instrumental Rock, the album cover seems to have a progressive/experimental metal look to it, though as we should with all music, we need to listen to experience the band ourselves with labels aside.

Delayed and chorus guitar arpeggios open the way for '4ce' which brings in some distorted harmonics and a slow drum pattern, for the rest of the band to build on. As soon as the guitars begin their riff with bass in tow, we hear a melding of progressive metal and post rock, not far from the likes of Tool, A Swarm of the Sun and Mogwai in parts, which is a fair combination. The mid to high-end snynth drones on here add another dimension to what could have been a pretty generic tune.  A menacing synth loop plus an slight overdriven  guitar arpeggio pattern, present on 'Movement Cycle',  creates a minimalist base for some graceful Indian sounding harmonized lines. The drums start a slow but simple build up and further synth interjections add to the tension, though it begins to get stoner when the heavy guitar and bass riffs kick in at the 2 minute mark. The soundsphere here is pretty vast and though there is a another rock section, it does not detract from the heaviness of this track, which goes up a gear at around 4 1/2 minutes to a strong assault.

A high end bass line arpeggios married with some shimmering guitar chords found on 'Unknown Void' help to build an 90's style flavour, the synths bring in an 1980's sci-fi air to the track. The off-beat drums in addition to what is already happening make this track sound like a documentary soundtrack then when the chugging distorted guitars drop, it goes into what could termed as a space-grunge feel. The swinging rhythm at the end make it a lighter and whistful contrast to the generic metal drive earlier on.

The strong interplay on 'Psycho Whisper', has guitars and synth weaving around each other over the clangy bass and locked-in funky drums, actually becomes quite mesmerisizing. Further towards the end the synths weave a vast backdrop layered and then ends in walking paced thrash metal territory. Some tubular synth buzz which makes way for for an agitated guitar on 'Sharper' with complete drone lurking in the background, drums and bass riff in possibly a short 4/8 odd time signature. It stops to move into a stoner driving cavernous progression, becoming heavier later on finishing with a wall of overdriven synths. The title rack 'Event Horizon' is a definite Tool reference, , the intro holds its own until the patroling synth gets in there. The sizzling and chiming guitars alongside the faithful drum pattern, offer a fire and ice combination trippy progression, nestled under a trippy extra synth sound. An inclusion of strings at around the 3:40 mark take the track into a heightened spiralling emotional direction, further rocking out late into the track.

Cold chiming guitar and bass lend a certain quirky edge to 'Post Waltz' though it sounds like Hank Marvin on guitar  became psychedelic . Then further on the sound resorts to an intense metal conclusion. It leaves the final track 'Shanita' to show the band's energy, a repetitive guitar, bass and drum pattern with never lets up, except when the metal ending turns up to finish the album.

Event Horizon has some valid points to make and is particularly effective when all instruments are locked into a groove, with the synths determining the atmospheric edge. However, there is too much of a generic metal sound dragging them back into mediocrity.

If BTEH were to develop upon the hybrid arrangements found on most of the tracks, and were to  research artists such as If These Trees Could Talk or even go back over Tool's works, then they would definitely be out there as an act to watch.


Event Horizon is available on the Bez Kontraktu label.


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