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Odonis Odonis - Post Plague

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2016-06-17

Dark, brooding electronic music has been around for a long time and when a band like Odonis Odonis comes along that pays great homage to the genre then we should all rejoice.  Post Plague is an album worth rejoicing about.  Their previous album, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, was a great album in its own right that had wonderful collisions of noise and near shoegaze stretches and gained the band attention of say, comparisions to A Place to Bury Strangers and some of the more rocking math rock noise bands.

But Post Plague has the band firmly entrenched in dark techno, along with its dystopian lyrical landscapes and electronic dance music, combine all that with well-constructed EBM and layers of atmospheric programming, and Post Plague is one of the best releases this year so far.

I don’t know much about the dystopian lyrics and their roots, but the atmospheric virtual reality-like musical directions are amazing here.  A track like ‘That’s How It Goes’ pays great homage to early NIN and the opening of many of the songs has that frenetic electronic shock of Nitzer Ebb (‘Vanta Black’) and such bands.  And they still can slow-grind it beautifully like A Place to Bury Strangers on a track like ‘Lust.’

Odonis Odonis have the key to this genre and their smart song structures on Post Plague, with the added dance grooves, tear it up here.

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Odonis Odonis - Post Plague - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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