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Scott and Charlene's Wedding - Delivered E.P

by Rob Taylor Rating:10 Release Date:2016-06-23

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding from Footscray in Melbourne, Australia play the kind of lopsided indie music emblematic of the slacker movement in the 1990s. Untroubled, under-produced indie music with a kind of unreconstructed charm. The Aussie answer to Kurt Vile, Weezer or Parquet Courts.

Craig Dermody has learnt a thing or two about the symmetry between beauty and emotional ambiguity in his slanted melodies. In that way, SACW remind me a lot of The Go-Betweens, that is, if the Go-Betweens had been beach-bums rather than private school boys from Brisbane.

Staying in key is not one of SACW’s aims, except for the strumming which anchors the whole thing and prevents it from becoming The Fall. It’s all scrappy college fun, replete with overly enthusiastic choruses, and stand and deliver guitar solos and freak-outs. The youthful zing in SACW’s attack is both positive and contagious.

On Delivered, an E.P to whet your appetite before the new album in September, SACW has a shot at Elton John’s piss-take on celebrity culture, ‘Benny and the Jets’. It’s all rock ‘n’ roll chutzpah, hysterical and derisory, rather than good mannered like Elton John. Clanging guitar and distorted percussion (courtesy of some close-miking) at the song’s entry signal this is more punk than classic rock. One of the best cover versions I’ve heard in a while. Craig Dermody’s drunken karaoke vocals seem a little frayed but definitely in keeping with the shambolic band-work.

Title track ‘Delivered’ could be an inclusion on Pavement’s Wowee Zowee. Kind of like ‘Father to a Sister of Thought’ without the faux cowboy lap steel. ‘Airport’ is very much in the Australian idiom of pop-rock, another slightly off-kilter offering with a lyric about the disorientation that comes with rapid overseas travel.  ‘Gutters and the Streets’ continues the theme but the narrator’s weariness has been allayed when he arrives in a city where he feels he belongs.

Album out in September. SB are looking forward to it.


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