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Papier Tigre - The Screw

by Warwick Stubbs Rating:7 Release Date:2016-06-23

Soundblab Promo Description: "Full of bizarre phrasings, angular rhythms, jerky guitars, Mclusky-esque vocals collide with latter-day Dischord lyrics and post-hardcore undertones." Trust me, that's pretty much all you need to know!

Well, it sounds like post-rock punk to me. I don’t like it. Hey, it’s gotta be good!


Grab me a bit of The White Stripes, chuck in some Dope Body, stir it up with some Shellac (don’t question me on this – I heard a drum beat, okay?)… and that sentence went nowhere. There’s some really nice shades of indie lead guitar in there as well.

Actually, it is pretty good. There’s a lot of dynamics – something I miss hearing in a lot of the music I review or listen to. Stops and starts, the bass not doubling the same guitar parts and getting a dirty low-down almost electronica fuzz out of its tone and then suddenly bursting out into another riff that could almost be a keyboard while the guitars get all scrappy (‘Heebie Jeebies’). It's almost like no one really cared what the other person in the band was playing and just threw in their own parts regardless. A lot of bands attempt this, and it often ends up as an incohesive mess. The Screw, surprisingly, is an extremely cohesive mess!

I’ll definitely remember the lyric “Gotta get up to a day of pyjamas” - sure, it’s not Sublime’s ‘Burritos’, but I also don’t remember Bradley Nowell singing “Gotta give up those masturbation marathons” either.

But do I have to give up my masturbation marathons?

Well, at least they gave me a soundtrack for it in the 9 minute ‘A Matter of Minutes’. If you’ve ever heard Tool’s ‘LAMC’ you’ll know what you’re in for, but at least this song is void of the pretension. Surprisingly, ‘A Matter of Minutes’ eventually develops past the bludgeoning chords of the intro and reaches a state of decay only to breath new life in the final minute or so.

The rest of this nine song indyssey (see what I did there? Probably not. It’s not your fault. I suck.) is a huge mash up of dynamic ideas sticking securely with a four-piece sound, though the guitar does get the occasional subtle overdub, which is really nice (as in "not intrusive"). The bass alternates between clean, fuzz, and in ‘Naming Names’ distorted squeals. The music ain’t boring, and I love it for that!

Goddamn, when I scroll down that list of album reviews I have the choice of reserving, I wonder just how much of it is shit that’s going to destroy my will to continue listening to music. Well, I took a punt on this, and this shit I full-heartedly support!


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