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Red Sleeping Beauty - Kristina

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:9 Release Date:2016-06-18

I remember well when MTV debuted; second year of college, all music, all the time, no moronic shows, and a plethora of one-hit wonders who rode the new wave from the UK, Australia, and Germany. Lots of that stuff has faded into history as I have aged, but the taste for it remained. When I heard the latest album “Kristina” from Red Sleeping Beauty, a group that has been around since that era, I was immediately transferred back in time to a place of John Hughes movie soundtracks full of slick gorgeous pop driven by synth and velvety vocals. From OMD all the way up through Savage Garden, the flavor of luscious electronic pop treats is brought back with this sumptuous album by this Swedish act.

In what is an amazing feat of addictive song writing, RSB pulls you in and keeps you there from beginning to end, awash in confectioner’s sugary goodies. It helps that most of the songs have a similar feel, the delicate interplay of singers Kristina Borg and Niklas Angergård, the understated drumming, and the omnipresent airy, intoxicating keyboard melodies that take you by the hand and guide you through a thoroughly blissful listen.  

A few personal highlights would include “Tell Me More,” a giddy love song with a subtle dance floor pulse, “Merry Christmas, Marie,” a previous Christmas release that will become a part of my holiday mix going forward and also features a smart line in “Merry Christmas, Marie, I’m giving you your heart back,” and “Mi Amor,” a song that will remind you of the massive Savage Garden hit from the ‘90s with the guitar interplay, soaring harmonies, and a plaintive tale of love. It also has Spanish lyrics from a Swedish group singing mostly in the English language. The ESL teacher in me was thrilled.

This is an incredibly addictive album oozing soft, smooth, and sumptuous pop music that wields retro hip glory like a velvet hammer.  If you have a sweet tooth for ‘80s synth pop love songs, this album will more than satisfy your urge.


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