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Air - Twentyears

by Rob Jones Rating:10 Release Date:2016-06-10

Any album that features the magnitude of La Femme d'argent is on to a winner and to kick off with this beautiful and bewitching piece of ethereal ambience sets the bar for what features on the Air set entitled Twentyears. The early standards of the Moon Safari album catapulted these French aural alchemists in to the superstar arena and a catalogue of quality made the world became a better place.

For the Air mixture of electro, dance, prog and adventure stood tall as an escape from a raucous rat race and listeners are ultimately afforded a luxurious magic carpet ride on to a mellifluous haven.

The career of Air is assessed as their CV is brought to the fore via 17 tracks that really justify the nuances and niceties of a diligent duo. The aid of guest artists take so many psychedelic beats in a range of directions. To add to the hymns there are also a further 14 tunes from the out-take, live and rarity files. These offerings maintain the mood music and keep the proceedings in the dusk till dawn arena.

This can be the music in the club but the core of this selection are more likely to channel the relaxation process after the full on effects of a heavy nocturnal experience or a tough day at the coalface.

Whether it is haunting songs, rhythmic beats, structured instrumentals or sweet vocals-it is crystal clear that pristine production is always present.

The pop perfection passes through every decade since the 60's but the end product has the permanent stamp of contemporariness. These sonic scientists use technology where necessary but a simple minimalist approach is also adopted. If you are looking for some escape from the hectic nature of contemporary life then be an Air head and feast upon Twentyears.

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Air - Twentyears - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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