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Close Lobsters - Desire and Signs

by Jeff Penczak Rating:10 Release Date:2016-06-05

Scotland’s Paisley poppers (see what I did there?!) released two brilliant albums and garnered a modicum of success on US indie/college radio before sadly settling into retirement for the next quarter century. Last year’s essential 3xCD retrospective Firestation Towers 1986-1989 compiled everything they recorded (more or less), bringing the band back into the spotlight and leading to some high profile gigs. This curiously titled 7” EP is really a single, but neither side is called ‘Desire’ or ‘Sings’ so I’m at a lost where the title comes from. Luckily the songs sound like they never left.

 ‘Under London Skies’ glistens with shimmering, paisley underground guitars and Andrew Burnett’s emotionally wrenching, worse-for-wear vocals. Just in time for summer comes the best launch party lyric of the year” ”We get high/In the summer time/Under London skies.” The litany of things that make London great are rattled off like he really means it, and I’ve got tears in me eyes over that blissful guitar accompaniment.

Flip ‘er over and we get part two of ‘Wander Epic’ (apparently Luddites will have to bite the bullet and go digital to get parts one and three), so it’s a bit awkward reviewing the middle of a song, but it’s sort of a little galloping pony jaunt through kidsville propelling another story from Burnett about what he sees “wandering along all alone.” Couldn’t understand a bit of it, and loved every minute of it. Perfect for bouncing the little ones on your knee. Shame about splitting the track apart across media; we’ll never know how it ends up.

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