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Mock Orange - Put the Kid On the Sleepy Horse

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2016-06-07

Mock Orange are one of those bands from the mid to late 90's that you might have missed.  There are a few of them that were great (personal favourite of mine is Archers of Loaf) and were loved by those who heard them but never really broke through.  Due to a mixture of bad luck and timing (their backstory of bad luck even includes George Lucas) they just missed out.  They also have two modes.  Either Emo like their early work of Alt Folk like their later one.  This is their ninth album, first for five years, and it mixes both.  Caught up yet?  Well here is the headline...Its a good one.

Put The Sleepy Kid On The Horse, which should get an extra star just for the title, mixes their works styles to date to great effect and sounds something like Pavement/Lazy Soundgarden/Slacker Rock/Slightly less intense Modest Mouse.  Nine Times sounds like Spoonman on a slow sunny day but sung by Modest Mouse.  Its springy bass line and high and pitched vocals are matched by the kind of march type staccato chorus Modest Mouse revel in. Its the sound of a band who grew out of the Emo scene to discover they had something more profound to say.  There aren't many who can claim the same.  The wash of feedback that starts Some Say blends seamlessly into a ballad of low-fi indie-ness that you can't help but like.

Everything here is a bit left field, but honest enough in its delivery you find yourself liking it.  A lot.  The stately closing track Tell Me Your Story could be on a Pavement album.  Its that good and that's what it sounds like, sloppy yet brilliant.

Nine albums in and Mock Orange have another one that the critics will like.  But will it get anyone else past the door?  Let's hope so.  How many of their peers have anything relevant to say?


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