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White Zombie - IT CAME FROM N.Y.C

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2016-06-03

In the pre-filmmaker, pre-theatrical Rob Zombie days between 1985 and 1989, White Zombie (with Rob Zombie at the helm) released a number of 7” and 12” vinyls which evidently disappeared from circulation quite a while back. The Numero Group have compiled them all on It Came From New York City a title instructive of the origins of White Zombie’s music, but also having an unworldly connotation, like the story of a ravenous living dead retold for mere mortals. 

In truth, It Came From New York is the unearthing of some pretty rough sounding, guttural metal/grunge played by four nutted-out underground agitants, seemingly in thrall to post punk totems like The Birthday Party.

It’s a blast of good fun which doesn’t bear too much analysis. It’s just meant to be played loud and enjoyed like some freakishly violent B-Grade movie, that is, not for its impeccable conception or great playing, but for its ball splitting hostility and visceral blood-letting. Rob Zombie’s personality is writ large over White Zombie, as you might expect. He growls and spits like some mentally unstable homeless guy. This is aural masturbation of a kind that was only ever achieved by young blokes whose daily activities didn’t extend much beyond getting shit-faced and playing Judas Priest and Black Sabbath records.

Fortunately, the members of White Zombie could play their instruments, so it’s pretty damn good. Did I mention that it presages the Seattle sound as well ? Probably more metal in delivery but the basic groundwork is the same.

I’m not sure why these EPs didn’t sell back in the day. By 1987, White Zombie was metal edged grunge of the highest order, again, not brilliant, but you can’t listen to this without nodding your head in genuine respect for the guts and glory of it all. Apparently, modern Rob Zombie fans don’t listen to this stuff. Zombie tried to adapt some of it in concert but the kids weren’t feeling the vibe, but then again, I saw Nirvana’s Nevermind in a bargain bin for five bucks the other day, so best to move with the times.

Coming to a multiplex near you.


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