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50 Foot Wave - Bath White

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2016-05-31

If Bath White was a review.  It would go like this.

It's very good.

Short, tells you what's going on and you know where you are.  Which is exactly what this selection of six guitar driven songs is.  They go about their business in a very straightforward way that you just feel immediately comfortable with.  Kirsten Hersh is on great form here and it sounds like the album of music that Throwing Muses aren't which is exactly what it was intended to be.  The songs each start out strong and with real tempo and tend to change it up towards the end.  God's Not a Dick chunks its guitar along until it disappears into a climax of noise right at the end.  St Christopher, the longest song here at just under four minutes, slowly plods into life before a thrilling change up of thrashy guitar.  Sun Salute mixes guitar and drums in such a taut and thrilling way you can't help but wonder if Bob Mould was involved.  Then it goes into an almost beatle-esque centre piece before ending the album with a quiet guitar moment.

As a side project 50 Foot Wave completely fits the brief.  Its good, distinctly different from the main Throwing Muses project and yet it doesn't quite stand on its own.  If you want a throwaway thrashy short album look no further.


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I adore Kristin Hersh, especially her formidable solo stuff. 50 Foot Wave is second tier stuff though.

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