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Methyl Ethel - Oh Inhuman Spectacle

by D R Pautsch Rating:6 Release Date:2016-05-22

Sitting next to the right person in class is almost as good as being clever isn't it?  Well in music being mixed by the right person, having the right guests or even being loosely associated with other acts is as good as being them or sounding like them.  Methyl Ethel sound like a lot of people.  They probably namecheck the right people too.  But they haven't quite got the ingenuity of those people and as such their debut album, Oh Inhuman Spectacle is almost as good as what it sounds like.  But not quite.  Take the song Unbalancing Acts for example.  It sounds like it could almost be on Animal Collective's seminal Merriweather Post Pavilion album.  However, it lacks the spark of originality not to sound like a complete knock-off of My Girls.  Other songs fall into this trap as well and they just remind you of something you have heard before...however illusive it is to track down what it is.  All of which makes this review come across far harsher than it should be.

Oh Inhuman Spectacle has its moments.Twilight Driving is an earworm worthy number that has enough sass and groove to remain in your ears for long after it finishes.  Obscura, for all its familiarity, is a song which fuzzes its way along in a style that you can't help but like.  The fuzzed vocals and guitars that are here are good and its got the makings of that long hot summer record you are looking for.  Almost.  If we had a long hot summer to look forward to.  Its just that for all that's here to love and enjoy you know its not quite hit the spot.  Which is a shame as this is a tantalising debut that almost gets you excited.  Almost


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