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Khunnt - Failures

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2016-06-17

With a name like Khunnt you’re not gonna get on Top Of The Pops, oh bollocks what does it matter that show doesn’t even exist anymore.

This doom laden 5 piece from Newcastle are partial to the ins and outs applicable to slow stoner / heavy guitar layered sounds. ‘Failures’ follows on from their sold out cassette release ‘Brazen Bull’ which was on Riot Season’s sister label, Swap Meat.

The vinyl version of ‘Failures’ is one very very long song split over sides A and B.  The download, which yours truly has used for reviewing purposes, is 37 minutes of power, destruction, the sound of the apocalypse and as much gloom that you can shake a shitty stick at.

The slowcore riffs at the beginning, lay the rugs for what is about to be pulled from underneath us. The klanking mind numbing drone and repetition slowly emerges from the undergrowth introducing new instruments as it pulses along.  No longer is the record just a singular guitar and drums, a distorted pedal seeps from the background, hinting at things to come as it twists and turns and subtlety becoming a meaningful part of the record.

10 minutes pass by before a tortured, screaming shriek of a vocal stops the track flat dead in its tracks. Its pure cathartic anger incites the band to step up and continue to drive into your blackened heart just a bit harder and malevolently.  Another 5 minutes pass by before a change of direction takes place.  The drone sits back and is replaced by a wall of noise and atonal fever temporarily, before the hitherto humble beginnings take over once again but this time they become more frequently punctuated by the demonic vocal giving an unsettling and uneasy air of dissonance.

‘Failures’ is not without a fucked up mess of noise and the last quarter of the album is awash with a maelstrom of squall and fervent belligerent white noise as the band simply lay waste to whatever pedals and instruments they can hit, stamp on, kick and punch as they remain slick, lean and flab free with their unforgiving sound and fury.

‘Failures’ is not for the faint hearted and its charm is its sickening grossness and unsettling manner along with its no nonsense balls out style. Brilliant.

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