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Zig Zags - Running Out Of Red

by Nathan Fidler Rating:7 Release Date:2016-05-27

If you like your guitar riffs sweaty, your vocals with Sabbath twang, and generally destructive lyrics, then you’re going to love Zig Zags. Their second full album, Running Out Of Red, gives you all of the above in spades, presenting you with the dilemma of having to decide whether this 80s thrash influenced, baked heavy rock is actually cool or not.

While their Bandcamp mentions Voivod as a similarity, they’re far less complex than that and far more enjoyable to the casual listener. ‘They Came For Us’ is the opening track and your litmus test. If you don’t like the throbbing riff, pounding snare and the howl of “You will never take my soul, we will never be alone” then you might as well quit while you’re ahead.

This is a smokey juggernaut of an album meant to soundtrack burning rubber in empty parking lots and sticking two-fingers up to the man. ‘No Brains No Balls’ offers a particularly clear opinion of whoever the track is aimed at: “No brains, no balls, I wanna see you die like a dog you dumb motherfucker”.

Similarly ‘Lizard’ damns the aggressive father and husband figure, pointing the finger in their face and branding them a lizard. This track also opens the band up to what must be the stoner-rock influences of the late 80s and early 90s, with the intro sounding like something Kyuss would spiral into a 10 minute groove. That’s as much depth as you’ll get here though, with tracks like ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ and ‘My Lighter’ offering a distinctly typical aggressive 80s rock.

It’s this information which you have to weigh up for yourself. Do you need to get pumped up? Are you fond of the repetitive snare slamming? From a musical perspective their a tight unit and are good at nailing the sound they’re going for. It’s only really the drumming which lets them down, for, with a whirling but gifted maniac at the stool, they’d truly have another dimension to their game. Instead, some songs feel limp, lacking rhythmic ingenuity or a better use of the kit.

Throw your head around, rebel against your oppressors, or simply laze around and bask in the glory of the word crumbling around you. You simply can’t deny the roots of this music or how kick-ass it must seem. Punk, thrash, stoner, unite these elements and you get Zig Zags.

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