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Contact - Zero Moment

by Gerry Hathaway Rating:9 Release Date:2016-06-03

Contact comprises prolific electronic composer Paul Lawler & drummer Anthony Paterra of space rockers Zombi. The duo produces adventurous electronic compositions with the modus operandi of ‘70s progressive rock. Zero Moment is the new full-length follow up to 2014’s compelling debut EP First Contact. Shades of Genesis, Klaus Schulze, and Jean Michel Jarre can be heard across its seven expansive tracks.  

Grand Detector funks along in italo disco fashion while the title track features subdued guitar riffs and propulsive synth squelches before seguing into an epic finish. Album highlight Modal Force has perhaps the greatest guitar presence on the record with a dark rock chorus and melodic synth melodies reminiscent of a Giallo score. Dawn Star starts as an unfolding ambient journey which then transitions into funk guitar licks and organ accompaniment.

Would-be single Sensorium is the most driving track on the record, with Jarre-esque hornish synth leads, percolating bass sequences, and thundering drums. Dao Vallis concludes the record with tribal tom patterns and bright cymbal crashes from Paterra against a backdrop of foreboding synth arpeggiations. 

Zero Moment also boasts impeccable production quality that shows respect for the listener’s volume knob. The tracks are warm, spacious, & balanced – all without having to succumb to the Loudness War. Obvious attention was paid to the left/right stereo panning, with synths and drums frequently bouncing back and forth adding to the dynamic range of the record.  

While appeal for this kind of music is likely limited to vintage progressive rock & synthesizer enthusiasts, the sonic palette of Zero Moment nevertheless offers a rewarding alternative to modern manufactured kitsch. Highly recommended art.

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