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Wild Palms - Live Together, Eat Each Other

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2016-05-18

Some second albums come out so quickly in the glut of the debut offering that they feels almost as if they are two halves of the same whole.  Others are distinct reactions.  Wild Palms took five years to come up with their sophomore effort and it is a thing of beauty and a logical progression.  The dreamy scope of this effort is interspersed with interludes and is full of drums, electronics and a vocal that is beguiling.  What is weird is that for something so textured and lush it has a distinctly chilly feel to it.

Lead single 1000 Cymbals crashes around, as the name would suggest, like some forgotten step child of an 80's indie number.  Almost ballad like Nothing is a moment of cool reflection amongst the layered sounds elsewhere here, it gradually builds to include brass and a bit of tempo.  A scene stealing number from the soundtrack of an indie film you've never seen.  Ennio sound like Little Dragon given a slightly downtrodden feel.  Again no is the dance floor pleaser this band could almost have as it swoons into a lush chorus of joy before disappearing into itself.  The real mis-step here is Hungry Mouthed Hunting Does which feels like something The Streets might discard.  Which is a shame as it breaks the flow of the whole piece with its spoken word stiffness.

Five years in the making this is a worthy follow up, that at times feels too worthy and too planned.

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