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Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette

by Rob Jones Rating:9 Release Date:2016-06-17

The Grace Jones: Warm Leatherette deluxe reissue captures a unique and uncompromising auteur capturing some of her finest moments and presenting them in a variety of formats. Amazing Grace has taken tunes from a smorgasbord of sources and, via the most exquisite aural alchemy, a pristine portrait is formed.

The original album was released in May 1980 and yet it still sounds fresh with the ability to teach the new breed a trick or two. The scope of skills stretch out the songs and some are far removed from their origins eg, 'She’s Lost Control'. This set features long versions, singles, b-sides, remixes, amongst other presentations, but there is one constant - quality. The compositions of Joy Division, Roxy Music, Tom Petty, Chrissie Hynde, Smokey Robinson, and Daniel Miller feature on this record, and, yet the Grace of Queens makes each moment her own.

The 27 tracks unite the very best of musicians, writers and producers, who then push the envelope through a variety of pop post-boxes. The icing on the cake is a songstress stamping her ambassadorial authority on to the merchandise of this wholehearted enterprise.

This release helped kick-start a new dawn for the 80s, as Jones made the move from her disco dalliances to new wave excursions with a reggae/dub combination. It's the first of three long-players recorded at the Compass Point Studios in the beautiful Bahamas. The contents certainly build upon their environment; you can imagine the shore rolling on to the golden sands as this soundtrack echoes around a luscious landscape.

After a three releases, this fourth long-player proved to be the biggest success yet for Jones. The hit 'Private Life' can be viewed as a beacon of the timeless attributes of an artist who still astounds. While this fated era has a high percentage of sounds that cannot divorce themselves from their decade, Warm Leatherette can still hold appeal for fans of the then, the now, and the rhythm road ahead.  

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