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Holy Fuck - Congrats

by Sean Hewson Rating:8 Release Date:2016-05-28

Having missed out on Holy Fuck's third album (Latin) I'm not sure how much they have changed since LP. Congrats starts out sounding exactly as I would expect a Holy Fuck album to sound. But then goes quickly, and gloriously, insane.

Chimes Broken starts with weird, electronic pulses backed by live drums. Like a much more punk Silver Apples. The vocals are buried chants. The beginning of what will become a tour of every genre imaginable starts as the beats and electronic sounds of Dubstep creep into the arrangement. Towards the end of the track, everything distorts and we're on a short rollercoaster ride to the end. Tom Tom is more sparse but is still a blend of distorted drums, distorted electronics and distorted vocals. It is right in between Industrial Techno like Regis or Factory Floor and modern, danceable, Noise Rock like Gnod or Workin' Man Noise Unit. Shivering is even more Techno with its sequenced, electronic pulse. There is also the first appearance of a more poppy side with its chord progression and the '80s keyboard sounds. A more John Carpenter-like arpeggiated synth takes over towards the end. Xed Eyes veers away from the pop and back to noise but with an almost disco bass line and drum beat. Neon Dad (brilliant title) is a combination of '80s drum machine and New Order guitar lines. Along with the messed-up pop sensibilities of the vocal it's almost like Chillwave or a weird take on the Modern Italo Disco of the Drive soundtrack and the Italians Do It Better label. House Of Glass is a bewildering mix of ideas. A straight, four-to-the-floor, disco beat with dubstep effects, disco/funk bass and ever-circulating noise. Sabbatics is more dubstep but with the techno sounds of an 808 drum machine and some Electro flourishes. This cheerful insanity is followed by the finger-picked, accoustic guitar intro of Shimmering, which then returns to insanity and is over within a minute. Acidic is not Holy Fuck's take on Acid House but, instead, a Ska track. It would be preposterous if it wasn't so much fun and wasn't mixed so loud. Everything is distorted. Crapture is like a cross between Radiohead's Kid A and euphoric '90s dance music. Fucked vocals over constantly building electronic insanity.

Over the course of this album, Holy Fuck turn their hands to a bewildering range of genres - Noise, Disco, Chillwave, Techno, Ska, Dubstep; as well as many more that I've either never heard of or just guessed at. But they never sound like anything other than Holy Fuck. Their nearest neighbours are probably Liars on their most recent album (Mess). But Holy Fuck cover much more ground. It's like all the music you've heard over the last 30 years, gathered together and played incorrectly. As an aside, not only is Holy Fuck the best name for a band ever it also the best name for a folder on the desktop of your work PC when your boss is at your desk. In his mind, having no knowledge that it is the name of a band, what manner of items would go into a folder labelled Holy Fuck?

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Top review Seany boy

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Latin was awesome, and one of those golden eggs I found for a couple of bucks in a bargain bin. Liked your words.

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