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FOG - For Good

by Brian Lange. Rating:8 Release Date:2016-05-19

Previous to this year’s release of For Good, Fog had consistently put out work until a hiatus around 2007 brought on a side-project, Clock Ox. Andrew Broder, Minneapolis-based founder and songwriter for Fog raised $17,161 on Kickstarter from 324 backers in two months to raise money for the first Fog album in nine years, titled For Good.

Weird, droney, trippy, soothing, melodical, menacing, angelic, and most certainly experimental are just a few adjectives apropos for the Fog sound. Combining both traditionally performed instruments and turntable-derived samples, Fog is predominantly produced and performed by Broder himself, with exception to a brief three-piece setup on the outer cusp of Fog’s original run. 

While the record does delve into dark areas about halfway through, the initial tracks are rather fluttery with a tenor-focused voice.  Perhaps this progression into a darker and deeper mood is intentional, as the tones shift into more of a bassy-baritone. 

The DIY nature of the recordings definitely lends itself to a particular sound.  That is not to imply it sounds cheap or amateur.  The music is quite sophisticated, with intricate layers and depth.  ‘Sister Still’ is a prime example of Broder’s ability to shape and form trip-hop atmospheres that could easily stand right alongside the likes of Massive Attack.

Broder has released the song ‘Trying’ as the first glimpse into the record; there’s an accompanying video that can be found on YouTube that is really something remarkable, a good sell on the album for fans of genre’s weird and dark, but perhaps not the best representation of the record as a whole.  It is fair to say that, if you enjoy this track, the album as a whole will likely appeal to you.

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