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Beverly - The Blue Swell

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2016-05-06

Another misleadingly named act (it’s a group – duo, actually – but neither of them are named Beverly) releases their sophomore effort, but not without trouble in paradise that led to a split between the original duo. (Don’t you just love this backstage intrigue?)

Drew Citron is the mainstay and she [sic] won the battle over the act’s musical direction, so fans of the debut will not notice any significant interruption in the punchy, bubbly pop tunes blasting from your speakers. ‘Bulldozer’ may have some unintended meanings based on the recent spat, but it still rocks L.A.M.F. The shimmering guitars of ‘Crooked Cop’ meld into Citron’s sexy, girl-next-door vocals for another toetapping, poptastic tune that should be blasting from convertibles on your ride down to the beaches this summer, and ‘South Collins’ immediately leapfrogs to the top of the dream pop hit list, with wall-of-sound vocals, marching drumbeats and a guitar line that I’ve been kicking myself for days trying to figure out where I’ve heard it before. Good on ya! Here’s the best “single” I’ve heard so far this year.

     I’m not a fan of artists who leave their practice session tryouts in the finished product (leave it for the barrel-scrapings on the reissue), so I could’ve done without that lo-fi nonsense at the start of ‘Victoria’. Besides, it ruins an otherwise snappy little tune. But aside from that minor misstep, the remainder, including the “Lush” effervescence of ‘Contact’, the soft heartstring-tugger ‘The Smokey Pines’, and the sprightly, bubblegum punk of the Go-Go’s-y ‘You Used To Be A Good Girl’ add up to a thoroughly enjoyable, albeit way too short listening experience. [If you’re going to release your album on the newfangled media known as a CD, you don’t leave half of it blank – that’s like releasing a one-sided album. But that’s an argument for another day.]

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