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Art Trip & The Static Sound - Oxymoron EP

by Amy Putman Rating:9 Release Date:2016-05-06

Subject, the band:

Art Trip and the Static Sound.

Introduction, which here takes the form of summary praise and assessment of this article:

Excellent. Ordinary prose would be unfair. Technical details and cynical reviewing are out of place this time.

Abstract, unjust in its reduction of such good music:

Complex, lyrically interesting, emotionally mature, radical, well produced, energetic, late 80's style punk, with a thick, dark, sweaty, drooly, noisy backdrop and a hint of Bikini Kill.

Brief Instructive Guide, on how to use the music:

Dance to this.  Drive to this.  Fight to this.  Fuck to this.  Do everything to this. 

Conclusions, almost definitely scientifically proven:

The sex will be incredible. 

Art And The Static Sound will make you live faster, harder, stronger, better.

You'll be hotter, cooler, more inspired.

That one person will totally fancy you now.

Recipes, to aid further study and enjoyment of the topic at hand:

Original cocktails, designed to reflect the music, for which the author has taken actual consumption or taste very little into account.  Possible perilous.  Drink sparingly and at own risk. 

But drink to this music.

Drink to the craftsmanship that makes this effortlessly cool.

Drink to the inheritors of punk.

Drink to the fictional Curt Wild (Velvet Goldmine) as though he were real.

Drink to thrashing dissonance and hurled words.

Drink to the gods of chaos, rage, and raw, animalistic nights.

Drink to the brave few of this generation revitalising a new, bright rendition of punk and making it their own.

Drink to lust and the sating of it roughly.

Drink to the wonderful impact of poetry set to angry drums.

Drink to drinking, furiously, as though this were the last night.

Drink to rhythms and clashes that make your body jerk uncontrollably.

Drink to staring into the dark abyss and seeing the madness stare back.

Drink to subtle thoughts being eloquently expressed through gloriously brash styles.

Drink to moshing and flailing and sweating and screaming.

Drink to this EP.

Drink to the perfect expression of the frustrations of modern existence.

Drink to the rallying calls of well written songs and answering them with full body, throat destroying applause.

Prediction, if drinks are tried (author accepts no responsibility):

Art Trip And The Static Sound will make anything taste good.

Final thoughts:

I don't care what you drink as long as it fucks you up enough to let the beast out.  Punk is punk.  Go wild.

No, fuck it: go full on feral.

Just do it to the Oxymoron EP.


The Art Trip

1 Finger Whisky

1 Finger Dark Rum

Short Splash Kahlua

Fill Up With Gig Temperature Red Stripe

Heavy Dash Tabasco

Stir Fast, Drink Hot And Heavy.


The Static Sound

 Slosh Tequila

Slosh Zubrowka

Slosh Lemon Juice

Large Pinch Salt

Dash Bitters

Black Pepper

Apple Slice

Shake Hard And Ice.

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