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Mother Feather - Mother Feather

by paul_guyet Rating:9 Release Date:2016-05-13

I used to force music on people. My thinking was: I like it and I’m the smartest person in the world with the best taste in music, so you should like it… Here’s a mix CD… What did you think of the mix CD I just handed you… etc.

I’ve stopped doing that. Until now.

This isn’t a review or a recommendation, it’s a prescription. Go. Go now and listen to this album because it has everything a sane person would want: Nostalgia? Check. Anthemic manifestos of empowerment? Check. Minxy euphemisms involving trampolines and airplanes? Check. Fucking puns involving ancient Egyptian goddesses? Fucking check.

I would tell you this album cures cancer, but there isn’t enough empirical data to substantiate that claim.

It’s eerie…you’re not hearing this music for the first time, you’re rediscovering it. It’s more than primal, it’s archetypal.  “Natural Disaster” is inspiring without being pandering; less of a “c’mon, kiddo, you can do it!” vibe and more of a “you know you can rule the earth, get off your ass.” The slinky little guitar line in “The Power” is both coy and fun, until the chorus when it’s kicking you in the teeth and causing you to uncontrollably pump your fist. “Trampoline” is inexorable, inescapable joy— resistance is futile. And then, there’s the title track, which contains one of my favorite lyrics. In music. Ever.* You cannot get the chorus of this song loud enough. I dare you to try. 
The only downside to this album is that it isn’t twice as long.

Front woman Ann Courtney informs you and assures you that she “will be your mother feather”, and, while you do not know what that want it, you need it. But, sadly, you can't gain full understanding merely by listening to the prayers, you must go to the temple to worship, to truly see these gods and goddesses burn and writhe as they preach. Shield your eyes though, you might just become a zealot, a devout follower, and then everything else will fall away and the chorus to their titular anthem will never seem loud enough again. 

Hm. I’m going to sound like a lunatic until you listen and get what I’m talking about. So, do it. Get this fucking album. Discover the Truth. You’re only denying yourself something singular and pure and amazing if you don’t.


* Specifically, “you have lucked upon my lightning”.

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Ha, I used to do the same thing and couldn't understand why no one agreed with my music choices. No I don't bother.

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These ladies bear an uncanny resemblance to Prince Rama.

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Well, yeah, everyone in Brooklyn dresses that way.

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Having seen both Prince Rama and Mother Feather in concert, there are similarities in terms of an intentional, high-energy catharsis through performance.

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Style-wise, they are both channeling some kick ass goddesses and archetypes. And dig spandex.

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