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A.Dyjecinski - The Valley of Yessiree

by Kevin Orton Rating:9 Release Date:2016-04-29

Despite its goofy title, A. Dyjecinski’s The Valley of Yessiree, is a ruminative, moody affair filled with bleak, windswept landscapes. Most songs are paced at a slow tempo and the vocals fall in Swans/ Michael Gira territory. At times, Dyjecinsky lays it on a touch too thick, but it doesn’t distract from a compelling and haunting album.

‘Goad By a Valley’ pretty much sets the scene for what’s to come. Doomy vocals, soaring guitars and sparse backing. Oddly, one of the more upbeat sounding songs is the dark, beguiling ‘Dead Horses’ with sentiments like, “There will be no more dead horses in our garden this year”. Rural images of dilapidated farms are evoked here in this relentless winter of an album. Dyjecinsky's passion is evident on the yearning, ‘I’m the Woods’ which ends in a lovely trumpet solo. ‘The Fight’ changes up the instrumentation somewhat with gorgeous, heavily reverbed piano and ghostly female vocals. ‘Dry Bread’’ ups the tempo and is the album’s most Pop sounding moment about, “dry old bread.” ‘Hunger’ is filled with a yearning for meaning in long sought out isolation, a feeling that characterizes this entire album. ‘Ivrom’ closes the proceedings, perfectly encapsulating the bleak winter landscapes Dyjecinsky conjures throughout. It all goes to show, winter may be the loneliest and harshest of seasons but there is also great beauty in it.

There are plenty of acts out there with gloomy vocals, sleepy tempos and bleak lyrics. A. Dyjecinski’s, Valley of Yessiree soars above the herd.  

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