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Gordi - Clever Disguise

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:8 Release Date:2016-05-19

Wow. Sophie Payten, aka Gordi, sounds just like Hannah Reid from London Grammar. It's uncanny. They're both incredibly young women with these fantastically soft and timeworn voices that wrap you up like quilts sewn from wisdom and nostalgia.

'Can We Work It Out?', the EP's single, captivated me the instant I heard it. It's one of those rare songs that just feels utterly timeless with universal appeal. The title should make it clear this is a song about lost love, and the poignancy is off the charts, such that I wish I was a teenager so I could ugly cry properly while listening to it. Clearly aware of the song's strength, Payten includes a piano version as the final cut, which is just as powerful as the original version.

In fact, the whole set is a break-up album, with lots of mournful, regretful music carried by Payten's voice. Even the perky lead track, 'Nothing's As It Seems', is like a punch to the gut with its lyrics: 'And everything you've ever lost/ must have a reason it is never found. Convince yourself you're better off and you'll be fine./ Or at least that's how it sounds.' Even though the music has almost folk sensibilities at times, in the semi-electro area of someone like David Gray, the vocal layering and harmonies actually remind me of Enya with their complexity and depth. The primary accompaniment to Payten's voice is acoustic guitar, with synth stabs and effects blended in all over the place. 'So Here We Are' switches things up with a piano and pleasantly distorted vocals.

It's extremely effective, and the brief set doesn't overstay its welcome, which is lucky, because while the music is great, it can become emotionally tiring upon multiple listens. You definitely need something else to pull yourself back from the brink. Still, anyone who appreciates a great voice will be charmed by this EP.

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