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The Leaf Library - Nightlight Versions

by Steve Reynolds Rating:9 Release Date:2016-04-16

Nightlight Versions is an instrumental album of ethereal drones and is based on The Leaf Library’s critically acclaimed Daylight Versions LP. All the guitars, drums and vocals have been stripped away to give a feeling of soothing weightlessness.

The opening strains and kaleidoscopic sounds of ‘Rings of Saturn’ are achingly rich, bold, and effortlessly captivating. The woosy, hypnotic haze given off by ‘Slow Spring’ is so good it leaves you in search of a big cuddle.

The twinkling bells and drops of rain that accompany ‘Evening Matters’ take a leaf (ahem) out of the ambience of Boards of Canada as it swoops from nothing and rises to a hedonistic crescendo of bright lights and soaring drone.

Metaphorically speaking ‘Tilting’ is like the sun rising and burning off the dew off the wet morning grass.  Its trick is in its density and unwillingness to run away with itself as the cataclysmic moody synths interlace perfectly.

The monolithic church like sounds that wrap around ‘Evening Gathers’ with it’s three minutes of mind numbing atonal one note seep consciously into your brain releasing a ton of endorphins and blessed out pleasure.

This album comes also with a couple of bonus tracks.  The seering relent of ‘Evening Matters’ is followed by the shoegaze like sound of ‘Nightlight Visions’.

This is an album of undoubted quality in its own genre and anyone looking to expand their horizons and welcome in the dreamy beauty that this instrumental album gives off will only suffer buoyant benefits.


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Came back from watching some cow punk the other night, and listened to this with headphones on my front balcony staring up at the night sky. Perfect.

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and good review by the way Steve.

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Cheers Rob

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