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Menimals - Menmals

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2016-04-09

Not a lot is known about Menimals. This is music straight out of the weirdness category. Packed with bits of Swans, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Rid of Me era PJ Harvey, this is not an album for the faint-hearted. If fact it should come with a sticker marked ‘Don’t listen to this if you’re on suicide watch’, such is its overarching cloud of misery. But I shit you not, this is good misery.

Menmals is essentially a mini-album, as it only comes with five tracks on it - five tracks of glorious gloom? Oh yes, they are.

A didgeridoo should not really work but when it’s thrown in with a throbbing bassline, ethereal strings and a wispy vocal straight out of the dark side on opener ‘In This Unforgiving Heat’, it makes its presence well and truly felt and the water torture like repetition is brutal.

The creepy vocal that accompanies ‘Dodecahedron, The Window Sphere’ and its clinical accompaniment keeps the mood distinctly dark and vulnerable whilst the vocal get even more eerie in its delivery.

‘Tetrahedron’ is straight out of the post rock playbook.  It rolls around in the ether for a bit and as it gathers pace the duelling male / female vocal once again add a touch of filth and seediness to the proceedings. The last three minutes raise the temperature as the band splices open and expands their sound into a dark gothic like poisoned landscape of dark and moody matter.

The mood remains unforgiving on the roomy space like ‘Transition from a cube to the Octahedron’.  It’s much more sedate and slowed down but it still has your ear in a vice like grip as it burrows beyond your yellow wax and delves into your brain. They even treat us to some brutally punchy electronica transfixed once again by the macabre spoken word vox.

Closer ‘Bird on a hinge’ is one for the darkness.  It’s all dank and deep-seated in a black hole.  From time to time we get splashes of synth and its finish does leave you feeling quite unsettled.

This is one for the earphones, one for the nighttime and one for dreaming to.  It is not one for parties and long may that be the case cause this is just a bit good.

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