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Dreamboy - Endings

by Paul Downey Rating:8 Release Date:2016-05-24

The second EP from Montreal-based Dreamboy begins with the slow burner 'On That Cold Dark Morning', brooding along in what can only be described as a gothic-electro groove. The title track is emotionally tinged with yearning lyrics, but Esther Isabel's voice, although haunting, absolutely sores amongst the ambient tone.

It may not be music for the masses, but this is truly something special. 'Wicked Games' feels more progressive than the previous songs, with a driving beat and militant, tribal drum meshing with Isabel's voice. Finale 'Road Ragin' has a more visceral tone from the beginning with a thick beat complimented by a booming vocal from Esther.

Endings is a short, unapolagetic journey to a very diverse world. Although primarily dark in tone, there is plenty to admire. With the right producer Dreamboy could be Montreal's next major export.

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