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Polymath - Melencolia

by D R Pautsch Rating:6 Release Date:2016-04-12

Some bands are named in such a way that you can tell what their approach is. Polymath are one of those bands. The definition of 'polymath' is a person of wide knowledge or learning. You therefore expect music that draws on lots of different and diverse influences and sounds clever and tuneful.

They certainly tick all those boxes with this three-track EP. However, they also flirt with being over-indulgent - the shortest track here is ten minutes long.

The approach is Explosions in the Sky meets Battles, with samples of spoken-word dialogue to finish off each track. It's all instrumental. It's all very tuneful. It's all very nice.

There are moments when it really rocks out: first track Melancholia becomes one huge rock number half way through after its slow, music box like beginnings.  Ekerot is a more sedate number that sounds like rock music slowed down and conceived on a space ship.  Its quite trippy and calming.  Temptation of the Idle is a much more urgent number and at times sounds like something Muse might have worked out on. 

Its a three track EP that promises much but might just be burdened by the length and approach too much to appeal to a wider audience.



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