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False Advertising - Brainless

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2016-04-29

The grunge-soaked alt-rock of the 90s has found itself a niche footing in the last year or so. False Advertising are an American-inspired group from Manchester, which is quite jarring when you hear their melodic, hook-laden version of a genre usually saved for the scruffy underachiever.

‘Alopecia’ leads their new EP, Brainless, proving itself to be a fountain of fizzing guitars, while lead singer Jen Hingley confesses: “I hope my hair don’t fall out”. This is not an EP to inspire your darker tendencies. The aforementioned pop sensibilities make this closer to early Paramore, in truth. Only the genuinely noise-mongering guitars on ‘You’re Too Slow’ give them that ring of authenticity.

The dynamic of switching between male led and female-led vocals doesn’t do the EP any favours, with Hingley sound more efficient than her cohorts. ‘Piece Of My Mind’ tends to feel like a drag in comparison to the breeze of ‘Sigh’, it’s good to know there are more dimensions to a band, but female grunge vocals are far more interesting at the moment.

Whereas the Americans were once inspired by generations of British rock bands, we’ll undoubtedly see more of these young British bands who have grown up on Sonic Youth, Hole, Foo Fighters and, to a lesser extent, Queens Of The Stone Age.

False Advertising hold the cards for success, particularly in leaning on ‘Alopecia’, but a more dynamic set of songs to match is needed to build on that success.

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