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Skating Polly - The Big Fit

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2016-04-08

How can you top a couple of step-sisters barely out of their teens who keep the riot grrl tradition alive with fuzzy, loud waves of grunge-metal and alternating screams and wails? You can’t.

Skating Polly is getting a lot of attention from everyone from Babes in Toyland to Kate Nash, and Exene of X even is producing their albums. And it's well-deserved. These two step-sisters, Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo, hail from Oklahoma and channel everything that made the grunge scene in Seattle in the 90s great.

Just listening to the second song, ‘Perfume for Now’, you will long for when Courtney Love and Hole were jamming alongside Nirvana with their grunge attitude. And some of the vocals are so bitchy and attitude-laced as anything a young Alanis Morrisette ever did.

On The Big Fit everything is a brilliant channeling of grunge and metal and fuzz, and then throw in some nice pop like ‘Hey Sweet’ with its piano-driven riffs, and this band is on the mark.

Nothing seems out of place with Skating Polly and the way they mix it up so well is nicely evident in a great song like ‘Morning Dew’.  These two step-sisters have just the right chemistry to hit the mark on virtually every track.  They have it going and we all should look forward to seeing them in concert and tracking their progress.

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