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The Posies - Solid States

by James Weiskittel Rating:7 Release Date:2016-04-29

It’s getting to be about that time where ​m​any of our 90s alt-rock heroes who were lucky enough to survive the millennium (or themselves for that matter) are morphing into the next wave of ‘classic’ rock. Credit has to be given to bands like ​T​he Posies, who could easily continue to tour the nostalgia circuit with a set exclusively focusing on their Geffen years and their infectious brand of grunged-up power-pop, but ​instead ​have chosen the proverbial road less traveled.

So while the 90s​, ​their ​major label ​deal, ​and ​the ​Seattle ​‘scene’ ​may ​have all eventually passed, The Posies never abandoned their DIY values. They simply opted to return to the indies where, following a brief hiatus, they began their second act with 2005’s Every Kind of Light (among their best releases), albeit to smaller audiences.

Now working their way into that hallowed ‘elder-statesmen’ status, ​t​he Posies return with their 8th album Solid States, an album that revels in their trademarked sound from decades gone by, and makes no bones about it.  Solid States finds the Posies pulling together in the wake of tragedy (with the unexpected death of drummer Darius Minwalla ​l​ast year) and doubling down on a sound that they helped create.  The trademark harmonies and guitar-centric hooks are all in place, albeit with a bit less polish this time around (self-produced by the band).

There is no “Dream All Day-Pt. 2” on Solid States, and given the impressive scope of the album, the nostalgic nods aren’t missed at all.  The quirky organ that explodes into a full blown romp on album opener “We R Power” lets everyone know that the Posies mean business.  Songs like “Scattered” and “Titanic” reveal the bands unbridled love of classic synth patches.  One of alt-rock’s unsung songwriting partnerships, Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow succeed in spades at providing a fresh take on a well-honed formula.  The only real obstacle between this album and success will be prospective listeners preconceived notions.

While Solid States is hardly the right place for any new Posies fan to start with, the album is nonetheless a welcome addition to their already solid (pun intended) discography.  For anyone looking to revisit the 90’s via a still-relevant holdover, Solid States is highly recommended.

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I've always been a fan of Stringfellow's songwriting. It's about time 'Touched' was re-released. Great album.

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