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Writer - Principle Web

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2016-04-12

Two brothers and a multi-instrumentalist make up Writer on their sophomore release, Principle Web, and if you are a fan of garage-grunge-slacker-rock of the highest order then this Brooklyn-based band will not disappoint.

The album starts off with a Weezer-meets-Pavement sounding track called ‘Mosquito Bitten’ that sets the tone. This record is heavily entrenched in those druggy sounding, droning, plodding waves of guitars that so define slacker-rock, but it progresses from there. Yes, there are a healthy dose of these Pavement-sounding songs but not overly so. 

In between, there are songs like ‘Canal Trip’, which throw the band into that post-punk category that groups like Ought and the Parquet Courts reside in, and as the album progresses, it just gets stronger until it reaches the strongest track, ‘Neighborly’, with enough strong guitar progressions and layers as to beg comparisons also to Dinosaur Jr.

In short, this band carries power chording grunge-treading guitar-based rock and roll well into the 21st century.  And you won't likely get tired of it.  Writer’s Principle Web is one of the strongest albums in a very strong year of quality alternative music.

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