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Har Mar Superstar - Best Summer Ever

by paul_guyet Rating:8 Release Date:2016-04-15

My first exposure to Har Mar Superstar (AKA Sean Tillmann) was a song called 'Sextape' which combined my favorite elements of Beck and Prince into one filthy little ditty. Ever since then, I've been into his unique and sweaty* brand of sleazy R&B/dance. On his latest album however, the sleaze has been washed away... by reminiscent tears.

I do not know what I was expecting**, but Best Summer Ever was not it. It's so goddamn sincere! Tracks like 'Don’t Erase', 'Confidence', 'How Did I Get Through the Day?' (strong 'I Only Have Eyes for You' vibe on this one), and 'I Hope' (a fantastic opener which seems to start things off at the end of the proceedings, rather than the beginning) are heartbreakingly real. Scars from lost summer loves, perhaps? This is not a slezeless release, however. "Anyone's Game" and "It Was Only Dancing (Sex)" have got some jizz on them, but there's still that patina of sincerity lurking at their core. There's also "Haircut" (featuring Karen O.), which could have been a lost track from some 70's compilation consisting of artists who tried to start new dance crazes and failed ("Hey! Everybody do the Crewcut!"). Karen O.'s giggles on the track only add to the silliness.

I've never thought of HMS as a joke artist; he's too dedicated to what he's doing, and Best Summer Ever is no exception. This is a legitimately heartfelt album, almost overflowing with moments of genuine feelings and emotions. Has Tillmann grown up? Has he abandoned his gold lame bikini briefs?*** Personally, I hope not, but, then again, I'm a bit peculiar. Any normal person could bring this album to the beach, hit repeat, and have a really excellent (if somewhat tumescent) time, especially if any of those normal people loved music about heartache from the 60's, 70's, or 80's, as Tillman and  Julian Casablancas (who produced the album and penned "Youth Without Love") perfectly captured all three decades. Whether or not Har Mar Superstar has, indeed, grown up, he will always have a sweat-stained and shady place in my heart, and, if you're willing to get a little filthy yourself, you might find one there for him as well.

* Oh so incredibly sweaty...

** Aside from a guy who looks a hell of a lot like Ron Jeremy wearing underwear, socks, and a smile, I suppose.

*** Several pairs of which I assume he owns.

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