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Godzilla Black - Press the Flesh

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2016-04-06

For every genre there are bands that skirt that fine line between genius and parody. A particular favourite of this reviewer is Terrorvision. OK, I'm playing fast and loose with the term favourite here, but their album, How to Win Friends and Influence People, is one of those albums I can live with despite its tongue being planted so firmly in its cheek.  

Which brings us to Godzilla Black. Thrashy, tuneful and dripping in horns and guitars, it isn't just lyrically that this album is a little close to the parody line. The tunes and approach flirt with that direction.

'Bitter' could come off any Faith No More album as it sounds so much like them. 'Spaghetti' has a bass line that screams nu-metal at you until the horns come in and almost ruin it. 

The problem with anything flirting this line is that you can either stand it or not.  And huge doses of twelve songs at a time can be too much for anyones appetite.  Of course there are moments where it just gets too odd.  Closing track Pulse Throbber just has too much electronics and not enough melody to pull it through its more experimental approach.  Opening track Wizard of Ooze is the exact opposite and sounds fresh and almost could fit on a Terrorvision album.  Which brings us back to the start.  This album will divide as you will love or loathe it.  However, for its intention it does what its supposed to and with enough style and conviction that you can forgive the mis-steps.



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There's not many bands doing this right now but I think this is a good album. A bit more experimental which is what sets it apart. Hawk Eyes are another.

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