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Micachu and The Shapes - Jewellery

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

What to say about Michachu, a woman who plays broken bottles and vacuum cleaners on stage and once fashioned a rudimentary guitar out of a CD rack? Well, obviously, that she is an amazing gift to UK pop and that, in Jewellery, she has made one of the albums of the year.

Jewellery is like great pop music made by day-glo, stoner wombles. It's like the mice from Bagpuss got sick of fixing stuff for that fat narcoleptic and decided to form a post punk band with the bric-a-brac they had lying around. Even better is the way Micachu seems to channel random bits of the last 50 years of pop culture and mash them together within the same song, seemingly unintentionally. Witness the skiffle-glam stomp of 'Lips'; the space rock-meets-rude boy ska of 'Vulture'; the Faust-like mischief and Dizzie Rascal swagger of 'Golden Phone'. But best of all is the way all of it sounds like hideous, atonal, glitchy noise and timeless pop at precisely the same time.

Plus, there's the fact that Micachu (real name Mica Levi) looks like a 14-year-old boy sings like the Artful Dodger (the loveable Dickensian imp, not the hateful Craig David-enabling garage horror). Really, what more could one want?

Best tracks: 'Golden Phone', 'Lips' 'Vulture'

Richard Morris

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