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Explosions In The Sky - The Wilderness

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2016-04-07

Explosions in the Sky have had quite the journey in the past 15-plus years. Perhaps what really allowed them to hit their mark was the soundtrack they scored for Friday Night Lights. They reached an entirely new audience and were no longer dwelling underground with other bands of their ilk.  Their exposure has slowly progressed to the point where their most recent records made chart appearances in both the US and the UK. That music has definitely evolved from their earlier work. 

The Wilderness sounds much like their other records a continuation without departure or experimentation. For that reason, it might come across as rather boring and uninspired. The music, while good, doesn’t leave the lasting mark that the likes of Those Who Tell the Truth, or The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place. There’s no wow factor, and the music rather stays on this plateau. 

To start with the album title is way too short and the length of each track is significantly shorter than the music of the early 0s. 

The EITS sound is almost unmistakable.  Band mates Chris Hrasky, Michael James, Munaf Rayani, Mark Smith each with their own unique contributions without one taking the spotlight over the other, with maybe the exception of Munaf, whose lone microphone is used only for thanking the crowd for attending.

On that note, EITS has never failed to impress during a live show.  It’s not even “they sound just like the do on the record”, the live experience for a band like this is without a doubt one of the best ways to experience the music.  The albums in themselves aren’t bad at all.  But expectations are high, and I think that’s fair.  Overall EITS has remained quite consistent, never feeling a need to experiment or sway from a formula that simply works. 

If you have enjoyed all EITS records from the beginning, then you will not be disappointed at all.  Where people may expect and hope for something completely mind-blowing.. you won’t get your mind blown; nothing new, no surprises.. you will get quintessential EITS. 

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It's still like a soundtrack to a movie you don't want to see, but to be fair I've always found their stuff unaffecting.

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Fair criticism. I was torn about how to rate this, as I love their earlier work but haven't been overly impressed sine then.

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Great review that sums up my thoughts exactly......used to be a 'go to' and for me, but not so much anymore......sonically moving in circles for years now.

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