The Horrors - Primary Colours

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Unfair though it may seem with the benefit of hindsight, it's doubtful many held out serious hope for The Horrors second album. The band's debut, 2007's Strange House, seemed just too over-awed by its garage goth inspirations to try matching them and when, after a veritable storm of hype, it limped to number 37 in the album chart, it seemed an open and shut case of too much hype and too little substance.

But no - because 2009 saw The Horrors return. Barely recognisable, save for their trademark Indie-boy-of-the-damned barnets, here was a band full of emotional fire and art-rock strangeness. Where once they offered thin Cramps-light gruel now they stirred a wicked caldron of My Bloody Valentine riffs and PiL bass on 'Do You Remember' and ''Who Can Say'. Where previous songs frugged themselves out of existence before the two-minute mark, now 'Sea within a Sea' stretched out to almost eight minutes as it crackled with Neu!-meets-LCD Soundsystem energy and purpose.

The band's next move is unclear - Primary Colours feels like the start of a journey rather than an arrival. But one thing's for sure: this time their public waits with baited breath.

Best Tracks: 'Sea within a Sea', 'Do You Remember', 'Who Can Say'

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