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Jealousy - Paid For It

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7 Release Date:2016-03-07

Suicide haven’t done a new album since a live release in 2008. If Alan Vega and Martin Rev were contemplating making a cataclysmic, lo-fi, dirty mess of a newie it would probably sound something like Paid for It by Jealousy.

I had to scour the internet quite intently to discover that it is the work of a one-man band, Mark Treise. I don’t mean the sort you see on the corner of the street with a mouth organ strapped to his neck or a pair of cymbals attached to his legs, I am talking about the sort that throws everything from a power drill and a broken bottle into a plethora of tortured discordant electronic symphonic mismatches.

Equipped with the viscosity of a million barrels of oil opener ‘Been Wrong’ is terse in vocal, languid musically and redolent in fellow electronic noisenik - Dirty Beaches.

His vocal is sparse and creepy on the atonal tirade ‘Sentenced for life’ and he is most definitely a fan of the leftfield no wave sounds that gripped the dystopian early years of electronica on the bullying pummel of ‘I want it’.  The gloom keeps on coming and ‘Doin’ a little time’ is ram-jammed with misery, seedy motorik beats and Treise’s wispy ethereal vox whilst ‘Fresh Kill’ could almost be Joy Division’s most depressing epitaph.

Fundamentally this is an album not for parties, unless your party is a room full of gothic manic-depressives.  ‘Paid For It’ is a creative salvage yard, a melodic DIY SOS, a scrapyard orchestra of doomy anguish.

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