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Edward Penfold - Caulkhead

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2016-03-24

Edward Penfold’s solo release, Caulkhead, is a delightfully understated sedate journey back to the days of Arnold Layne in a five-year-old Mini Cooper. Each tune seems slowly downsized by the folky, pastoral psychedelia of innocent late 60s bands who did their own versions of the clever, deadpan ‘Yellow Submarine’, with their own cadence and matter of factness that was before acid and amped-up guitars changed everything. And Penfold does it all very well.

With the opening instrumental, ‘Lawrence of Arabica’, Penfold sets a pastoral, quietly rag-tag jingle that sounds at once innocent yet well-executed. That is followed by perhaps the closest thing to a pop song, ‘Up Down’. It sounds like something Donovan may have considered a cool song a long time a go, but when the song degenerates into distortion towards the end, you know Penfold is solidly in the 21st Century.  The third song, ‘Sunny Day’, my favorite track, is an oddly compelling tune that is something of a mix of 60s and Dukes of Stratosphear interpreting the 60s.  And then the title track punctuates this retro meets quirky folk style ingeniously.

And the rest of the tracks keep this oddly compelling formula moving along nicely.  With pastoral, psych-folk occasional filler with some bands, Edward Penfold, has put out a consistently interesting collection of these types of songs. Caulkhead will draw you in.  Edward Penfold, will, no doubt, secure quite a following and let’s hope, continue this quirky, retro wonderful style of his.

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