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Mike and the Melvins - Three Men and a Baby

by Zach Johnson Rating:6 Release Date:2016-04-01

It's exciting when an album recorded roughly 17 years ago suddenly appears out of the blue. It's even more fun when that album is a collaboration between the mighty Melvins and Mike Kunka of the now long-defunct godheadSilo. 

Apparently this group of misfits got together way back in 1999 and hammered out the 12 tunes of deranged sludgy goodness found on Three Men and A Baby, an album that will likely please fans of both the aforementioned bands.  

Three Men and a Baby is a predictably sludgy and dingy affair for the most part, full of hits and misses.  The album is most enjoyable when the band marries up the pummeling and powerful nature of The Melvins with the generally looser, more up-tempo/punky vibe that characterized most of godheadSilo' work (case in point: "Chicken N Dump", "Limited Teeth", "Bummer Conversation" and "Annalisa"). Those opening tracks are pretty satisfying, but from there things slowly descend into a hodgepodge collection of mostly dingy skits and tossed-off jam sessions. That's not to say they're not interesting and occasionally amusing, but considering the perpetrators involved, such oddball tendencies and misfires should be expected.

Haven said that, it certainly doesn't help contribute to making Three Man and A Baby anything more than a pretty pedestrian effort that, aside for a few songs, doesn't really measure up to either The Melvins or godheadSilo's best work. But, as mentioned prior, if you are a fan of either band, Three Men and A Baby is a welcome addition, with a few highlights to boot, but overall fails to live up to either of the aforementioned bands' glory days.

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Nice review. Can't get into the album though.

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thanks, I was debating on giving it a 6 vs a 7, but 6 seemed too harsh...it has it's moments i suppose, but nothing special

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