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HÆLOS - Full Circle

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2016-03-18

Cue soundbite that talks about things in outer space. Hælos call themselves “dark euphoria” but they might also fall under the subgenre of 'indietronic', which for all intents and purposes might be a derivation from synth-pop or [insert DIY Brooklyn band here].

What starts out as atmospheric and almost trippy turns into a gospel-like atmosphere. A female voice is predominant, with a subtle male voice providing the accompanying harmonizing. There is plenty of production that went into doubling, tripling, maybe quadrupling the vocals, so it would seem that the vocal aspect is important. But lyrically there is a lot to be desired. The chorus, often consisting of just one or two lines, repeats and overshadows any of the verses that exist.  Songwriting may not be their strong suit. 

Musically, it feels minimal without actually being minimal.  Overall, there is a soothing atmosphere set up but, as mentioned, the focus seems to be on the vocal elements.  Because of this, the music is somewhat secondary.  To be fair, the two elements compliment each other well and rather seamlessly.  A lot of simple beats and atmospheric sounds are the bulk of the music; plenty of use of keyboards and a drum machine. 

Conceptually it holds, but it may start to sound a little to repetitious.  There is little differentiation between a lot of the tracks and the angelic quality of the vocals start to come across as rather annoying.  Still, there is something compelling about this record.  Would make an appropriate opening act to a band like Sigur Ros. 

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The first two tracks remind me somewhat of Enigma and sound very 90s.

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