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Those Dancing Days - In Our Space Hero Suits

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Hailing from Stockholm, Those Dancing Days were barely out of school when they arrived in late 2008 with a sound so complete, so bursting with bucolic freshness that it cast shaming light on the wretchedly weak 'Topshop indie' that was plaguing the UK at the time. In Our Space Hero Suits combines the sassy frivolity and widescreen romanticism of early-80s new wave girl bands The Go-Go's and The Bangles with the skiffley DIY indie sound so popular in the UK over the last decade. Topping proceedings is the astonishingly soulful voice of young Linnea Jönsson, who brings a luxurious emotional depth to songs such as 'Spaceherosuits' and 'Those Dancing Days'; songs which in the hands of a singer with the vocal range of, say, Lilly Allen, would seem faux-naïve and irritatingly twee.

Much of the album belies the group's youth with its completeness and accomplishment. 'Hitten' is a perfectly realised ball of danceable adolescent angst, asking the big questions about life and love, then quelling all doubt with a sugar rush keyboard melody. 'Duet Under Waters' swells with barely contained amour like an Austin heroine's bodice. The driven 'I Know Where You Live' inverts that old chestnut, the song about writing a song, by concluding that the words do not exist to describe a love as profound as the one Jönsson feels. She does, however, promise to make "the best mixtape in the recorder".

This could all come off as a bit Ashlee Simpson, but thankfully Those Dancing Days have no apparent desire to reach a love-hungry teen girl demographic. Listening to In Our Space Hero Suits is like being inducted into a secret society of invented languages and woodland hideaways, where the strongest emotions are reserved for the bond between the girls themselves. In fact, throughout this album, Those Dancing Days sound like a high school group in an above-average teen movie; one where the girls never indulge in petty rivalries over looks and sexual availability, but band together at the film's dénouement to kick out the boys before decamping to an enchanted wood to jam and dance with magic forest animals.

Best tracks: 'Hitten', 'Duet Under Waters', 'I Know Where You Live'

Richard Morris

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