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Tacocat - Lost Time

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:8.5 Release Date:2016-04-04

Tacocat is a Seattle band that’s impossible not to enjoy for all their in-your-face exuberance. Listening to their latest album, Lost Time, is the musical equivalent of wallowing in candy goodness; chewy sweet-centers, peanut-buttery crunches, milk chocolate stickiness, all washed down with fizzy soda pop. Sure, you’ll be reminded of countless other bands who have come before (The Go-Go's, The Donnas, L7, Josie and the Pussycats, or Puffy AmiYumi), but who cares? Tacocat rock with such joyful abandon that it’s nigh on impossible not to smile and dance along. 

The most radio-friendly number is 'I Hate the Weekend', an anthem for the working stiff, with glorious bubblegum harmonies and plenty of humor, something the band has in spades. 'Night Swimming' is a tongue-in-cheek number that shares its name with a band they mischievously namedrop in the lyrics (“…but you can’t play R.E.M….”).

'Men Explain Things to Me' is as snarky as you might imagine (“Tell me to calm down again/ Don’t tell me what to do”). “I Love Seattle” has a grunge intro that falls back to the jangly pop formula that works so well for the band. “Plan A, Plan B” is the one that reminds me of L7, all shitty attitude and pop-metal guitars, and “Dana Katherine Scully” (yeah, THAT Scully) pads their copious pop culture cred.

Speaking of which, Tacocat is the band that was tapped to record the new theme music to the Power Puff Girls reboot scheduled for this Spring, which should also mean you now comprehend the Puffy AmiYumi reference, right? 

Tacocat are as addictive as gummy worms and Doritos to a stoner, and with most songs coming in under three minutes, even if you’re not crazy about a song (“Talk”), you never lose your buzz. In a nutshell, this band makes life more joyful. 

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