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Liima - ii

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2016-03-18

There is a menacing sort of darkness as you would expect from bands of Nordic origin. Appropriately, Liima’s debut album, ii, is to be released through 4AD records. Liima combines a little bit of the bizarre elements of several genres: Bowie-esque vocals, dark bass reminiscent of Andy Stott, then somewhere between sounding like Blur and George Michael; they’ll end up with the airy quality of Sigur Ros with A-ha sentiment. 

This record might be a little bit confused. Perhaps Liima aren't quite sure who they are or who they want to be. That may create a dissonance in building a fanbase, but if they aim to tear down the walls of genre then they are quite successful in that. Despite the record feeling scattered, there is something compelling about this album.  An environment definitely shapes a person and coming from Finland, it would appear that Liima’s surroundings has definitely shaped the fabric of this record.  It is strange and dreamy, sometimes dark but sometimes poppy, but it surely has experimental appeal. 

Such easy access to modern toys that produce noise often becomes a disadvantage.  Garage bands tend to get too fixated on the ability of the machines as opposed to the talent or ability of the humans that operate them.  Just because one has an Instagram account and can apply a cool filter, it does not make them a good photographer.  Think about it. 

As their first record, it is a noble effort.  It sometimes takes time for a band to iron out the kinks and figure out who they are. 

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