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Trevor Sensor - Texas Girls and Jesus Christ

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:8 Release Date:2016-03-28

Illinois-bred Trevor Sensor is an intriguing artist. With a nasally whine of a voice, dragged across fine sandpaper, Sensor howls, croons, and growls his way across a quintet of folk-country tunes, four of which are quite beautiful.

A party of poetic icons from Jesus to Satan and all points in-between hold court in his poignant and earnest lyrics, feted by the sparse but oft-furious strumming of his acoustic guitar. If there’s a complaint, it’s that he’s a bit overly eager to be heard, but I can hardly hold that against the man.

The giddy, honky-tonk title track isn’t my favorite and it doesn’t seem to fit on this otherwise quiet, contemplative, and heartrending EP. “Pacing the Cage,” “Swallows Sing their Song,” and “Satan’s Man” are lovely songs, but the brutal urgency and emotional power of “Nothing is Fair” coalesces the set in one gorgeous, angry, and impassioned song. While the chorus could be the rallying cry for the millions of disenfranchised Americans on both sides of the aisle (“I was told to believe in a country that is free, but ain’t nothing fair for you and me”), a closer listen reveals more. Touching upon gun violence and name-dropping a few of the characters from this past year’s police violence, it’s an in your face, fist-shaking shout of pain and frustration.

This is a powerful sampler of Trevor Sensor and left me wanting more. I can’t be certain whether he’s pleading forgiveness or flipping off the heavens, but either way, it’s a moving experience. 

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