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Passion Pit - Chunk of Change

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Dragging MGMT's stoner beatnik ass out of the stone circle and onto the dancefloor, Massachusetts' electro-funkateers Passion Pit's debut EP is all about the reach for big moments, whether those are glimpses of ecstatic transcendence or sudden eruptions sad, strong yearning. Actually, most of the time the band hits a creamy, confused middle ground and makes it sound sweet.

Chunk of Change also reveals a pleasing pop literacy mixed with an endearing disregard for cool. Passion Pit obviously think nothing of streaking the intro to Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' over the intro of the happy-go-lucky 'Cuddle Fuddle'. Similarly, 'Better Things' sources its bouncing bass direct from the Jackson 5. 'Sleepyhead' revives the day-glo sampledelica last touted by The Avalanches at the start of the decade. Album standout 'Smile upon Me', meanwhile, swipes the vocal melody to LCD Soundsystem's 'All My Friends', but this seems appropriate for a song which celebrates the bonds of friendship in simple and heart-warming style. 'There's a place in this world/ where people like me are found by people like you,' mews singer Michael Angelakos over synthetic sighs and stuttering beats which anticipate the oncoming rush of another big moment. Then a whistle stars blowing along with the rhythm. It's the kind of genius touch only a band blissfully unconcerned with tedious notions credibility would allow.

Best Tracks: 'Smile upon Me', 'Sleepyhead', 'Cuddle Fuddle'.

Richard Morris

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Passion Pit - Chunk of Change - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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