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Wussy - Forever Sounds

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2016-03-08
Wussy’s latest, Forever Sounds, cruises through the foundation territories of alt-country, Americana and West Coast indie like a Pontiac Firebird cruises through the Rockies with its top down. I could jabber on about 1990s-style indie for a paragraph or so, or just be kind and assume anyone reading this can distinguish between a band who contrives a sound based on their favourite era, and a band who eclipses stereotypes and forges a sound that comes from hard graft, and great songwriting. 
Some are just born to play a style, and Wussy gels because they are suited to the purity of 90s indie rock. They strike me as a band without a musical credo, and with an unrefined artistic purpose. They rock out in all directions.
Wussy’s style isn’t dated, it just isn't updated, if you get my drift. Sometimes the impact of music is lessened by descriptions which consign it to comparisons with other bands, and I fear I could do that to Wussy, when the reality is, if you’re a fan of mid-strength indie-pop with a lot of hooks, and some honeyed though mature vocals, then you ought to listen to this, because it's very good. That’s coming from someone whose musical interests moved beyond the 1990s quite a while back, because you know I was there. Well, I was there before that, but you know what I mean.
One for your next long journey, shades on and top down. Lovely stuff.

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