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Princess Century - Rendezvous

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:8 Release Date:2016-03-28

Toronto musician Maya Postepski dropped an interesting but uneven set, Progress, last October under the name Princess Century. She's aleady back with a new three-track EP called Rendezvous. Happily, while her initial effort had almost as many misses as hits, this smaller release fares much better.

The EP opens with 'Robber' and its twisted deep synth lead, before some little synth melodies take the forefront over a simple four-on-the-floor beat. After a little breakdown, some alternate percussion that brings to mind the old Pink Button song 'Kinder Atom' kick in, and then it all blends back together for the finale. The bassy synth is a little off-kilter, but everything else really works well together, making for a compelling EDM/IDM blend.

'Wet' has another bass synth, but it's more of an DSP-modulated pulse, and the synth melody is a bit more low-key and melancholy. It would fit comfortably on almost any Orbital release of the past couple decades. The set closes out with the title track, a mellower and more spaced out exploration with big ol' pads acting as a raft for the by turns sparkling and wormy synths in the early going before the beat takes turns kicking in and dropping. The back and forth between dance floor and ambient modes works well and keeps the song engaging. The song takes a what seems to be a trademark Princess Century turn for the weird right at the end, as if she can't resist twisting some knobs, despite having crafted a solid, straightforward tune.

The whole set sounds very 90s to me, for the most part. A lot of simply percussion drives along the fun synths. I can understand why these songs weren't on the album, as they have a simpler, less weird feel to them for the most part, but they're all good for what they are, and this small set is superior to the album overall, though less experimental.

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