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Living Hour - Living Hour

by Jeff Penczak Rating:10 Release Date:2016-02-19

The debut album from this Winnipeg quintet is a blissful collection of cinematic post-rock deliciousness that swims in vast vats of molasses and honey. As sleek and slick as the Titanic floating across the Atlantic, opener ‘Summer Smog’ pulsates like a rollercoaster ride through a lemon meringue pie. The enigmatic band omits personnel details, letting the music do the proverbial talking, but the shimmering guitars and sleepy, drawling female vocals ensure everything doesn’t drown in what Woody Allen called “heaviosity”. The songs are rather long (all save one are near or over five minutes, and three of those top six), which in this case is a plus, as it allows you time to envelop in the warmth of their musical marshmallow overcoat.

‘Seagull’ is particularly soothing – I can almost feel myself floating, high (wink, wink) above the Earth, soaring to and fro amongst the cumulous cloud covering. Like The Cranberries without Delores’ annoying polemics, there’s a dreamlike quality to tracks like ‘This is the Place’ and the self-explanatory ‘Steady Glazed Eyes’, leaving much room to space out and enjoy and/or examine your inner soul or observe the world from a thousand yard stare.

Fans of Tashaki Miyaki and Mazzy Star will love the slo-mo arrangements, female vocals, and heady vibe, while old school stoners will go for the sweet aroma and sludgier efforts of The Warlocks, BJM, and Bardo Pond. Just remember to come up for air every once in a while to regain your balance before diving back in to retune your senses.

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