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Quilt - Plaza

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2016-02-26

If there was a possibility that a band could have an old soul, an old musical soul if you will, then they have it. Plaza, Quilt’s third album, is a mish-mash of old demos, and perhaps there is a certain uneven feel to this one, but what this band does better than your typical retro-pop band is capture the spirit of the 60s rather than become just a derivative. And Quilt, on virtually every track on Plaza is far from derivative but, Lord, does the music sound old.

It begins with a sedate Middle Eastern-influenced track, ‘Passerby’, on which Anna Fox Rochinski, with her slightly husky sweet voice, seems to be channeling at least the spirit of Fairport Convention’s Sandy Denny. This continues on the next track, ‘Roller’, and then right when you think it’s an album showcasing hippie music and a sweet voice, the guitars start jangling and the male voices make it sound like a poppier rendition of some lost Syd Barrett tapes.  And it all works brilliantly.

Quilt is an appropriate name for this band, as their sound is the musical equivalent of the rag quilts my mother used to make and while they often took her months to complete, she sold for $1200, as they were considered works of art.

Each and every song on Plaza is a work of art.  The music is masterful and the composition is clearly not amateurish in any way.  This band can play.  Quilt seems particularly diverse in flowing from hippie flower power ballads, on through 60s Brit Pop psych, and then when you think you have them figured out, they blast out a retro rocker like ‘Own Ways’ to finish off the album.

There are only a few bands who you don’t quite get on the first listen or two, but then it pops and you can’t stop listening.  Quilt is one of those bands.  My favorite so far this year.

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On the song Roller it sounds like a saw played with a violin bow, just like Mercury Rev

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